Ridge Runners are a Philadelphia band formed by Coleman Rigg, a Bellefonte, PA native. Rigg moved to Philadelphia in 2015 starting his music journey as a solo project, which gave way to the band’s eventual identity of Coleman Rigg & The Ridge Runners from 2019-2022. After years of cutting teeth on stage and in the studio, Rigg found himself with a lineup of collaborators that solidified into the simplified band identity, Ridge Runners, in 2023.

To put it simply, Ridge Runners are an alternative rock band– built on guitars, hooks, layered arrangements, and pulsing energy. It is obvious that Rigg is a student of rock n’ roll with his songwriting, giving the songs an often familiar, palatable foundation, but with blended style of a full band to give the songs a modern flare and stand out from the genre.

Rigg’s voice is memorable and soaring, grounding the songs with solid songwriting, vivid lyricism, and hooks around every corner. Rigg is complemented by lead guitarist, Zach Kaeser, who’s leads give the songs lift and add to the complex melodic tapestry that differentiates from most rock bands. The band’s rhythm section of Sam Zettell on bass and John Kaeser on drums create a thunderous, locked-in foundation that carries the swagger of a seasoned rock n’ roll band. Brett Harder compliments the band on keys and synthesizers to add depth and texture to the band outside of a typical guitar space. Rigg’s best work is when he wields all inputs of the group to create masterful arrangements that bring intrigue, depth, and emotion to the songs.

The band released singles Too Close and Followers in 2020 as their first recorded music as a unit. The singles then became part of a 4-song EP titled Characters Living In Screens, also released in 2020. In 2021, the band followed with their first full length album, Coleman Rigg & The Ridge Runners to solidify their spot as a newcomer in the Philadelphia music scene. 2022 marked the year of exploration for the band, releasing singles Getaway, Coming Clean, and Mine, all of which reached for new sonic territory for the band.

Following success of 2022 single Mine, Rigg saw opportunity for a new chapter of the band. Evolving from their rowdy rock beginnings, Rigg continued to push the band in the direction of change – resulting in a new lineup, new instruments, and ultimately a simplified identify as Ridge Runners.

It is with this identity that they released their second LP, A Place I Thought I’d Never Be. The record features their most refined sounds to date, and is available on vinyl and on all streaming sites.

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